[SASHIE] is a web media that you can download illustration data (image / vector) that you can use for free. Illustration data is updated almost every day.

Illustrations of [SASHIE] can be used “free” or “anyone” without regard to commercial or individual. Color change and modification are also free. Please use them as an illustration of blog, web site, printed matter.

Points to note when using this is here [terms of use].

Concept of [SASHIE]

The illustration of [SASHIE] is “a tone that kept simple and harsh assertions down”.

This is intended to be “a casual supporting role” of your content.

As an illustration of blogs and websites, of course, it is appreciated if you can use it as a seasoned seasoning such as materials and booklets.

We are also accepting requests and requests, so please contact us from this form.

Thank you very much.